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World events including lockdown inspiring change

Inspirational Change

This pandemic has helped an entrepreneur in law enforcement convince the world’s largest institutions to fund the dismantling of what they stand for. “Institutionalism” today is the problem and making global trade independent of national politics will solve the world’s biggest problems.   The coronavirus lockdown has been with us for many months. But, what would life be like if ... Read More »

Discrimination is a significant global problem so why is it still happening?

Minorities consistently tell their institutions that their public services lack equality. But civil servants are wrongfully trained to respond to this by saying, “Discrimination is everywhere and we just have to accept it.” The video of the murder of George Floyd displayed to the world the need for change. Everyone could see the look in the murderer’s eyes. This criminal ... Read More »

Pier to Prom – Proving child abuse on a national scale, a teenager exposes English council’s fraudulent use of the welfare system

Pier to Prom Teenage Role Model

Within just 2 months from a child on a pier on the River Thames considering to kill themselves. To a prom on the River Thames displaying their strength and happiness. A family in London stops a well-evolved local authority malpractice, inspiring change.   This is about England’s social services unlawfully making a vulnerable and compliant child live with a family with ... Read More »

London Family Inspires Change

Community CCTV

This is the London family who stood up to England’s corrupt institutions They were humiliated throughout their ordeal. But, before any of this, all members of this family spent each day being happier and closer than most families. Many friends of this family would often say to the parents, “You have brought up such perfect children, we very much want ... Read More »