Changing the world by dismantling inequality and discrimination

Would you believe our quality of life is only a fraction of what it should be, because we are all sitting on a goldmine of human potential? And, we have now reached a point in our evolution to have it all?

Hundreds of millions of years ago our world was a single landmass. A supercontinent. Over time it drifted into many smaller pieces. But this gave birth to diversity. We have evolved unique languages, cultures, social structures, political systems and religious beliefs. All this helps us think differently to create the innovation for life-changing breakthroughs.

One such development is the start of something much bigger than ever before. A virtual supercontinent is empowering the diversity of all 8 billion of us. The ultimate superpower. Technologies and concepts achieving this have been perfected over the past several decades. Global solutions to global problems can now flourish. To multiply its reach and accelerate its impact, we are asking everyone in the world this question:

How are you feeling knowing that you are the most important person to everyone and everything in the world? With feeling controlling most things in life, you can now give this superpower to all 8 billion of us.

The opposite of diversity is today’s institutionalism. To think and do what is expected of you even if it is wrong, is the huge elephant in everyone’s room. It explains the world’s worsening problems. But, by empowering a global democracy we are no longer normalising greed, wars, mass migration,  climate change and pandemics.

Dismantling inequality and discrimination - Global Democracy Fund

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