World events including lockdown inspiring change

World events are inspiring change. What would life be like if coronavirus lockdown was for 6 years? How is this all now in our hands?

The coronavirus lockdown has been with us for months. A mixed-race family in London had a similar lockdown by living in social isolation for the past 6 years. They were fighting for their human rights against their institution who were abusing power. Throughout it, they had to process their devastating change of life and on many occasions holding their heads in despair. This family are offering readers to benefit from their previous isolation.

Coronavirus Lockdown Inspiring Change

This family have a clear 6 year lead on why all of this is happening to us. They were driven to find the reason why minorities are abused this way by UK institutions. They spent their time in isolation realising that there are many of humanity’s negative traits being normalised in today’s way of life. They created an entire organisation to help win their fight against this London establishment. They won their fight on 02/07/2020 and this organisation has now grown into the New World Economy Project.


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World Change Started

One of the many symptoms of our institutionalised way of life is institutional racism. The video of the murder of George Floyd, displayed the need for this change to the world. Everyone could see the look in the murderer’s eyes. This abuse of power was not about what this criminal was thinking. It was a warped institutionalised instinct that must stop urgently.

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UK Institutions Change Started


The mixed-race family’s fight in London has also made a real difference. They have inspired the start of this change in the UK. Senior civil servants in England have now instructed their public services, “When making decisions you must now always prioritise the wellbeing of residents before the smooth running of our public services. If you like this or not this makes no difference, you must never bias what we do because of your judgment of people such as their political or religious views.” By rewiring UK councils’ instinct to make their decisions fairly, this alone has undoubtedly saved many lives.

This Mixed-Race Family

They were humiliated throughout their ordeal. Before any of this, all members of this family spent each day being happier and closer than most families. Many of the children’s friends’ parents would often say to Mum and Dad, “You have brought up such perfect children, we very much want them to help our children with as many sleepovers as you will allow.”

From 2012, they cleverly selected schools to prepare for the human rights abuse that they could see was ahead of them. To 2014, when one of their children took this head-on. From the initial attacks and the school principal saying sorry. 2016’s cry for help but just 15 hours of support and trying again at the same school. To 2017’s starting again at a new school only to experience the depths of UK councils’ discriminating abuse of power. To 2019, one of their children brought a hardcore internet troll to tears. They realised their strength and created the amazing Pier to Prom bringing all of this out into the open.


BBC journalist: “Having researched into this, Mum and Dad’s role is remarkable. Where others would have given up, they kept on fighting. The main stars are these children. As proven by the corrupt MP, this much abuse from a governing body would have very seriously confused their formative years and it is ingenious how they have each coped. I strongly recommend they make themselves known. There is a huge market ahead of them as young role models with true purpose in life. Their inspiration will unlock the tremendous unused potential in all young people.” And, “Mum said that their children wanted a million followers on Instagram, but I think their struggle will touch the hearts of hundreds of millions across the globe.”

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Mum and Dad: “Our greatest achievement as a family is Pier to Prom and stopping this malpractice happen to any more children in the UK. There is much more to come. Just look at what our children are capable of. For the record, our children have never had any mental or physical illness because they are the strongest people we have ever known. Any person will have a natural and logical reaction to being treated this way and it is commendable as to how our children have managed.”


Corporate Sponsor: “When you sabotage children you sabotage everyone’s future. It’s astonishing to see money and resources spent on hatred to harm children, who given the chance will contribute greatness to the world.”



You can register here to follow these anonymous children and encourage their identity to be revealed:

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Publishing Notes:

REF: VISCSW8763 – ABUSE OF POWER UNCOVERED INSPIRING CHANGE. Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® is one of this mixed-race family’s sponsors.

Since July 2017 our website has been publishing this family’s achievements. We have evidence of many people inside Bexley Council reading and talking about it. Many wanted to find out if their breach of human rights led to any of this family’s children committing suicide. Bexley Council replied to this family’s start of legal action with words to the effect, “We have no record of the meetings that you have recorded and these meetings minutes that you witnessed being taken were not taken.” And, “We are going to deny all of your claims because the amount of financial settlement you are asking for is too much.”

This shows how only some strong families can fight back against this abuse of power, which has become normal in today’s way of life. Press packs include case files against all perpetrating organisations with 6 years of correlated, verified and legalised evidence of their abuse of power:

  • Chapter 1 “Bullying and Victimisation” 2014 – 2016.
  • Chapter 2 “Treatment” 2016 – Today.