World events including lockdown inspiring change

This pandemic has helped an entrepreneur in law enforcement convince the world’s largest institutions to fund the dismantling of what they stand for. “Institutionalism” today is the problem and making global trade independent of national politics will solve the world’s biggest problems.


The coronavirus lockdown has been with us for many months. But, what would life be like if lockdown was for many years? Up until this pandemic started, a family in London was living in social isolation for 6 years. They were fighting for their rights against England’s corrupt institutions. Throughout it, they had to process their devastating change of life and on many occasions hold their heads in despair. Today, we are all trying to deal with a huge change of life. But ironically, this pandemic helped this family beat their institutions and unravel a more widespread problem affecting us all.


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    Hate has been used by many extremist groups and even a president of the United ...
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This family have a unique understanding of why it is becoming harder to return to the pre-2020 way of life. And why negative world events are increasing. They were initially driven to find the reason why abuse of power is normalised by England’s institutions. They spent their previous longer time in isolation realising how today’s world economics has normalised greed. This has created the wrong institutionalised way of life, which is fuelling the world’s biggest problems. They created an entire organisation to help win their fight. This has evolved into part of a group that is now educating why a New World Economy is needed.


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Project Founder


The father of this family is also the founder of our project. His credentials are well respected. He created and owns the Viseum UK Group. At the start of the new millennium, Stuart Thompson was working with Ernst & Young London and the professionals who headhunted Tony Blair before he became the leader of the UK’s Labour Party and Prime Minister. Stuart set about solving the many problems with increasing crime levels, but too many public safety cameras and CCTV privacy issues. The results of this work are patents worth $300 million. This made him the pioneer of the video analytics market which is today worth $4.9 billion. Without what London’s institutions attempted to do to his family, our project would not have started. We would not have received our funding to create and market these crucial messages.

Changing the culture of politics and hate

Many of Stuart’s friends and colleagues who know him in government and law enforcement, first provided strategy and leverage to help his family. This helped understand what caused hate towards his family, is a symptom of today’s way of life. Moreover, they collectively realised a link with how hate is normalised in politics.

Stuart enjoyed a very institutionalised way of life throughout his career in law enforcement. But this abruptly stopped just as soon as his children were abused by his institutions. Having lived in both of these very different worlds, Stuart was able to make these institutions realise why they were abusing power. Making godlike decisions against some to benefit its “greater good” became this council’s embarrassment. Hate towards Stuart’s family became political. Political parties use hate against their opponents to win power. Politicians use expressions of hate to get their points across. Hate has been used by many extremist groups and even a president of the United States to create disruptive and divisive movements. This is just a symptom of today’s way of life. But, if this works for hate then we can campaign to fix the problem. Simply by voting together to make global trade independent of national politics, it will happen in our lifetime.


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    This is the London family who stood up to England’s corrupt institutions They were humiliated ...
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The solution is to become a crucial part of this change


Institutionalism does not evolve over thousands of years. It is controlled by our institutions and passed down from each generation to the next. The world is experiencing more worsening climate and social related disasters. The sooner we change our world economics, the sooner the world’s biggest problems will go away. If you are inspired to be part of this, we want to hear from you.














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