The most powerful voting system on Earth


This superpower is beating COVID-19 for good and fixing the rest of the world’s biggest problems.


Increasing the value of every government and bettering the lives of every human being. This is empowering global democracy to fix the world’s biggest problems. This has already started. “As soon as humanly possible” now has a whole new meaning. It is over doubling the value of the world’s resources. We all own some of this new wealth. We can use a fraction of it to clear world debt and start again.

The whole of the human race is being employed to create and own cutting-edge breakthrough innovations. Everything from this new global public fund is classified as Shared Super Inventions. The entire world can now trade freely and collaborate in making them. And build up the global infrastructure to optimize exploiting them. This is valued at hundreds of trillions of dollars using today’s economics. From these new public-owned global technologies, many more entrepreneurs will create many more inventions and commercial businesses. This New World Economy is worth thousands of trillions more. These are just some of the industries:

  • Health – Pharmaceutical, Food Production, Nutrition.
  • Science – Clean Energy, Climate Management, Quantum Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Recycling.
  • Engineering – Housing, Transport, Communications Networks, Automation, Space Travel.


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Super Currency


With more people trading in these new global markets using the same currency, this has created the highest value super currency. Also, decentralised trading systems are another of humanity’s remarkable inventions. They have fixed the many problems with today’s trading systems that negatively exploit this. Such as politics, currency conversion, exchange rates, bank charges and broker fees.