Abuse of Power

Major Global Bank Santander Incompetently Proves Decades of Extensive Fraud


Santander, one of the world’s largest banks commits fraud. It hadn’t taken into account the untimely social distancing measures caused by coronavirus. This exposed its home repossession scam and decades of fraud.   A homeowner’s mortgage was mis-sold. They issued their bank with a complaint and tried to expedite it with their mortgage settlement offer. The valid part of the ... Read More »

London Families Defeat Council’s Abuse of Power

Community CCTV

Depriving targeted families of their basic human rights, a corrupt politician unwittingly exposes a UK council conspiring with their schools and childcare services. A corrupt MP has helped their council exploit the formative age of children. They do this to save budgets and reduce their workloads. A minority-race family has worked tirelessly defending their children being used in this way. This ... Read More »

Corrupt Politician Risks Manslaughter Charges Defending Corruption

Corrupt Politician

A corrupt politician puts children’s lives in danger by openly demonstrating they are above the law. This corrupt politician proves themselves incompetent by defending their corruption. They openly switch sides during a publicised legal battle that they were supposedly supporting. To clear themselves they concealed their previous allegiance by abusing the law and helping who they initially pretended to accuse. ... Read More »