Abuse of Power

Decades of fraud incompetently make Santander project sponsors


Santander, one of the world’s largest banks has begun funding the New World Economy Project. They hadn’t taken into account the untimely social distancing measures caused by COVID-19. This exposed their home repossession scam and decades of fraud.     A homeowner’s mortgage was mis-sold. They issued their bank with a complaint and tried to expedite it with their mortgage ... Read More »

London families defeat their institution’s abuse of power

A London family has uncovered a well-evolved malpractice adopted by some of England’s local authotities. Politicians conspire with their council’s childcare services, schools, and even their local NHS. They exploit the formative age of minority children, to save their budgets, but fraudulently waste millions abusing England’s welfare system.   The London Borough of Bexley has a day-to-day working culture of ... Read More »

Discrimination is a significant global problem so why is it still happening?

Minorities consistently tell their institutions that their public services lack equality. But civil servants are wrongfully trained to respond to this by saying, “Discrimination is everywhere and we just have to accept it.” The video of the murder of George Floyd displayed to the world the need for change. Everyone could see the look in the murderer’s eyes. This criminal ... Read More »

Corrupt politician risks manslaughter and fraud charges defending corruption

Corrupt Politician

A corrupt politician used the Metropolitan Police and the BBC to breach their code of conduct against a family in England. But, they hadn’t taken into account the untimely social distancing measures caused by coronavirus. Lockdown gave this family what they needed to expose everything. A family in London learned how a dishonest politician was orchestrating a well-evolved malpractice abusing ... Read More »