Santander incompetently proves decades of extensive fraud

FraudSantander, one of the world’s largest banks commits fraud. It hadn’t taken into account the untimely social distancing measures caused by coronavirus. This exposed its home repossession scam and decades of fraud.

A homeowner’s mortgage was mis-sold. They issued their bank with a complaint and tried to expedite it with their mortgage settlement offer. The valid part of the mortgage was already repaid. The bank fraudulently concealed the mortgage settlement offer and abused the dispute process to issue court proceedings. This was to repossess the home and silence the complaint of mis-selling.

Knowing the speed of the repossession process and how these courts aren’t equipped to investigate associated disputes. Within just a few weeks the bank could have very easily gained possession of the home. Thanks to coronavirus the extra time allowed the homeowner to prove how the bank concealed the settlement offer. This is an example of what happened:

Bank Fraud

  • 03/04/2020 – The bank wrote, “We will present the court our strong denial of your evidence of complaint losses and damages.”
  • The coronavirus social distancing measures adjourned the court hearing.
  • 09/04/2020 – The bank formally apologised to the homeowner and confirmed admission of the evidence of the complaint losses and damages.

This bank mis-selling is strengthened further by this well-known reputable high street bank taking fraudulent steps to avoid having to deal with the complaint. The homeowner is now deciding on what they are going to do. The employees responsible for this bank’s fraud tremble in anticipation.

Day to Day Fraud – Repossession Scam Uncovered

The normal day to day working culture for the banking industry is the art of not getting caught in acts of fraudulent abuse of power. The internet is full of stories of banks destroying peoples lives this way. What makes this story unprecedented is how it came about. Because of lockdown and how the victims have received offers of sponsorships and donations from other banks, who think this could be them. Demonstrating how astonishingly common this fraud is, we have published this to showcase how the abuse of power has become normal in today’s way of life.

Bank reform is naturally another one of our mission objectives and this case study is being supported with the help of our sponsors. We are receiving many more horrifying stories of banking greed from the U.S.A. and Europe. This shows how high street banks have streamlined fraudulent methods for repossessing homes. Especially if compensation is too high for valid mis-selling complaints. This bank’s mis-selling would be looked upon as a landmark case. It could cost them potentially bankrupting amounts in multiple claims.

This case study about fraud is a perfect example of the abuse of power and of today’s world economics.

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Publishing Notes:


Press packs have case files against Santander and their solicitors Shoosmiths. This includes correlated, verified and legalised evidence of their abuse of power.

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