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London families defeat their institutions’ abuse of power

From racial attacks and coercive abuse to state-sponsored domestic abuse, corruption, fraud and unlawful arrests. Race discrimination is engrained throughout many of England’s institutions.

A minority race family in London has shown how acts of inequality and discrimination are worsening in many of England’s institutions. But, these institutions have evolved highly sophisticated methods to avoid being held to account. To silence this family, many mistruths led to many unlawful actions until this family had enough to prove everything in court.



This family has received a lot of support for publishing this. There has also been racist abuse. We are following this publication to help identify such people who are off-topic trolling.

Family experiences race discrimination

Our large network fighting abuse of power has helped with strategy and leverage. Some of the perpetrators have raised their hands to admit their guilt and expose their colleagues.

In 2014, one of their children (PersonA) was violently attacked. For a further year, they were continuously victimised by their teachers. The same bully, from a well-known problematic family, was allowed to continuously target PersonA. In 2017 PersonA tried to start again at another school. But, their parents’ calls for help astonishingly resulted in PersonA being abused to help another child (PersonB), who is a patient of Mental Health Services NHS (Bexley CAMHS).

Bexley Council’s inhumane abuse of power

Bexley Council’s abuse of power – endorsed by MP.

We followed several meetings between the London Borough of Bexley Council, Bexley CAMHS and Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy school (Haberdashers school). Because of what happened next, it appears that they all agreed to use PersonA to help PersonB. On 06/04/2018 Sarah Robinson of Bexley CAMHS was recorded giving PersonA a therapy session for them “to become independent”. This was to get them to leave their parents and live with PersonB. That same day PersonA cried out several times to their parents, “I am independent” whilst leaving them to go and live with PersonB.

Malfeasance is misconduct in public office

Malfeasance could result in criminal charges and a lengthy prison sentence. This family has legalised recorded detail of the following events:

  • 21/06/2018 – PersonB’s family (FamilyB) threatened PersonA’s parents, “PersonA is living with us for as long as they make PersonB happy.” And, “We will kill for our children.” So, PersonA’s parents sent a safeguarding risk warning about this to all of Bexley Council’s public services. All of these organisations ignored this call for help.
  • 29/06/2018 just 8 days later – Bexley Council used Haberdashers school and Bexley CAMHS, to formally put PersonA into the home of FamilyB without any assessments on either home.
  • 02/07/2018 – Susan Gallop from Bexley Council tried to persuade PersonA’s parents to hand their parental rights over to the head of FamilyB. Still without any assessments.
  • 24/07/2018 – Proving their parents’ many years of calls for help were never looked at by anyone at Bexley Council, PersonA cleverly gave their parents’ letter, warning about FamilyB, to FamilyB, who ironically presented it to Bexley Council and it was acted upon immediately.
  • 25/07/2018 – Bexley Council produced a Family and Home Assessment Report on FamilyB. Formally proving this home unsafe for PersonA. Proving Bexley Council breached multiple counts of the Human Rights and Equality Acts, by coercing PersonA to live there. This resulted in PersonA receiving a life-threatening size bruise to their face. Domestic abuse is a crime and Bexley Council apologised to PersonA’s parents and attempted to extract PersonA from the home of FamilyB.

PersonA’s parents prepare to hold this institution to account

  • 10/08/2018 – Bexley Council attempted to silence PersonA’s parents. Firstly, by creating a highly corrupt Child & Family Assessment Report against them containing 11 counts of falsified information.
  • 15/08/2018 – Using the falsified assessment report, Bexley Council created a highly corrupt Initial Child Protection Conference containing 13 additional counts of falsified information. This was driven using more falsified information from Sarah Robinson of Bexley CAMHS, who ceased working for the NHS when PersonA’s parents reported them.


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Forced to live a lie – Inhumane child cruelty


PersonA’s parents proved that under these circumstances, any child in their formative years will remember their own experiences of their parents. They will also believe what they are being told by whoever has daily access to them. The most natural and logical reaction for any child under this much duress is extreme confusion. This will create and compound anxiety, and eventually cause enough conflict to create voices and hallucinations. This is what has happened to PersonA. When they started living with FamilyB, PersonA had many emergencies involving the Metropolitan Police and hospital A&E, because of self-harming. Their 100% school attendance suddenly dropped astonishingly below acceptable standards.

Quotes in 2020 

  • A UK Government senior civil servant, “We have also seen public servants abuse people’s children like this over their religious and political views. Children in their formative years are being indoctrinated by teachers, health, and social care workers into doing a lot of immoral and damaging things. I find it tragic for a non-white child to live through it for their family to publish this horror.”
  • The Metropolitan Police, “This is almost identical to what has happened to several other minority families. But, this is the first time it has been exposed. Their children must be extremely confused.”
  • Bexley Council, “We know about what happened to your children. We have read your file. You are very good and caring parents. You always attend meetings. Our problem was our professional services hadn’t listened to your concerns.”


Landmark Legal Case

This family published many voice recordings of senior and frontline staff at this council, reasoning how they would wrongfully use this family to save council resources, to help FamilyB. PersonA’s parents have taken legal action for professional negligence and incompetence, against all perpetrating organisations from this council. PersonA’s parents asked each of these organisations to settle this case privately using mutually selected ombudsmen. They also offered to pay for their costs but none accepted this offer.


Human Rights Act 1998:

The perpetrating organisations have breached their legal duty to follow this act. They have failed this family in the following ways:

  • Article 3 protects you from being treated in an inhuman or degrading way.
  • Article 8 protects the right to respect for your private and family life, and your home:
    • The right to live your life without interference by the state.
    • The right to enjoy family relationships without interference from the state.
    • The right not to be separated from your family and to maintain contact if your family is split up.
    • Public authorities mustn’t prevent you from living in your home.
Equality Act 2010:

The perpetrating organisations have breached their legal duty to follow the Equality Act 2010, which includes the following laws on discrimination:

  • It is unlawful to directly, or indirectly, discriminate against a person who is accessing a service by treating them less favourably because of their protected characteristics, in this case, their race.
  • Places a duty on the service provider to ensure they do not subject another person to a detriment because they have made a formal complaint.

Perpetrators who break these laws will uncaringly ignore their victim’s wellbeing and human rights. They will hear and create what they want to fit, and in many cases ‘shoehorn’, their agenda.

Mixed-race discrimination:

It is well known in racial support groups how mixed-race families experience discrimination far worse than all other minorities. This is further worsened by the perpetrators from minority races, who feel they are excused, and they will take their own experiences of discrimination to their victims.

UK Authorities' judgment 2020:

These 3 regulatory bodies are following this case in support of this family’s human rights:

  • On 28/05/2020 the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman published, “This matter would need to be addressed by a court.” PersonA’s parents were advised how this publication usually makes the council take steps to fix the damage they have caused. We then followed meetings between several UK Government senior civil servants, Bexley Council and members of the wider community involved in this case. We are confident that all perpetrators were instructed to correct the harm they have done. This family took advantage of this noticeable change to begin getting their lives back on track.
  • On 20/01/2020 the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards advised us, we will need to pursue the legal remedy available for that breach. If a court finding is made against this MP, then they could open an inquiry into a potential breach of the Code of Conduct.
  • On 31/01/2020 the investigating officer for Conservative Party Complaints advised us to seek legal action for what is clearly a complex matter.
Witnesses and compelling evidence:

We have published this family’s case since July 2017. We have reputable news reporters and sponsors witnessing each step throughout this case. Also, we have witnesses of many people inside Bexley Council and its police stations reading and talking about it. Many wanted to find out if their breach of human rights led to any of this family’s children committing suicide. Bexley Council replied to this family’s initial complaint with words to the effect, “We have no record of the meetings that you have recorded and the minutes that you witnessed being taken were not taken.” And, “We are going to deny all of your claims because the amount of financial settlement you are asking for is too much.”

With diaries all through this ordeal, PersonA’s parents recorded, documented and legalised, all communication with staff from this council’s public services. This has amassed many years of PersonA’s true feelings. Many thousands of phone calls, meetings, letters and emails, all with PersonA’s parents using the words “please help treat our child”. Verifying everything, they now have irrefutable evidence of this council’s abuse of power. Proving council staff doing their minimum to keep the child in their workflow, but never having any intent to help them.

This shows how the abuse of power has become normal in today’s way of life. This is the world’s first publicised escape for a family from one of England’s most corrupt institutions. Press packs include case files against all perpetrating organisations with 6 years of correlated, verified and legalised evidence of their abuse of power:

  • Chapter 1 “Bullying and Victimisation” 2014 – 2016.
  • Chapter 2 “Treatment” 2016 – Today.

Perpetrating Organisations

Each named individual has read this article. They have all been given the opportunity to give their side of the story. But each of these perpetrators has declined to comment:

  • Bexley Children’s Social Care Services:
    • Director Jacky Tiotto, Fiona Cisneros, Donna Hillocks, Martin Clement, Jodie Eggleston, Linda Brown, Susan Gallop, Anne Day, Louise Westron.
  • Mental Health Services NHS – Bexley CAMHS. It is common knowledge that the NHS lack specialist training to treat mental health:
    • Clinical Director Lesley French, Ui Peng Khoo, Kate Doherty, Reshad Soobratty, Sarah Robinson, Mariam Miller.
  • First School – Bexleyheath Academy. With a reputation for bullying, victimisation and discrimination against minority-race children:
    • Principal Carl Wakefield, Vice Principal Mark Lewis, Deborah Sweeney.
  • Second School – Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy. The biggest perpetrators who have inflicted the most cruelty to this child:
    • Principal Richard Farrow, Vice Principal Sian Evans, Safeguarding and Welfare Officer J O’Brien.

Richard Farrow, “I am sorry we used social services. We pay lots to a company that deals with this, and we should have used them.”

Carl Wakefield, “Oh, you are a good family. I am so sorry we did not think about your family.”

Mark Lewis, “Carl Wakefield would help but now he has gone we are not going to.”

Donna Hillocks, “You are a minority so you will be treated this way throughout your daily life.”

Jacky Tiotto, abruptly left Bexley Council at the same time Bexley Council’s legal team began defending this case.








Tracking the perpetrators


Some of these perpetrators are being tracked because they have fled this council to distance themselves from this case.