Pier to Prom – Teenager exposes state-sponsored coercive abuse

Within just 2 months from a child on a pier on the River Thames considering to kill themselves. To a prom on the River Thames displaying their strength and happiness. A minority-race family exploits race discrimination in London inspiring change.

Our large network fighting abuse of power has helped with strategy and leverage. Some of the perpetrators have raised their hands to admit their guilt and expose their colleagues.

This is about some of England’s social services unlawfully making a minority-race child (PersonA) live with a family (FamilyB) who are patients of Mental Health Services NHS (Bexley CAMHS). You can read more about what led to this here…

PersonA’s parents outwitted a hugely complex cross-department collaboration. Their strategy was to target all perpetrating organisations with legal action apart from the school involved. Making them feel they had got away with it, the school unwittingly strengthened a case against them. We have a recording of them saying that they blindly followed Bexley Council but knew it was wrong.

As a sign of desperation after PersonA was absent from their school for several months. In March 2019, the school threatened to fine FamilyB if they did not force PersonA to go to their school. Instead of checking the school’s wrongful threat, PersonA was forced to go to their school. But the parents knew that forcing PersonA under extreme duress was going to end in disaster if they did not act.

Bexley Council’s fraudulent abuse

Just 20 days of being forced to attend school, PersonA went to their parents asking them to sign a form for an autism test. The form was in an envelope from Bexley CAMHS addressed to FamilyB. One copy was to be returned to Bexley CAMHS and one to be given to their school. Clearly being coerced, PersonA said to their parents, “It’s a lot of money and you get it all.” PersonA’s parents could see this was Bexley Council’s inhumane abuse of power. By falsifying that PersonA has autism, they would no longer be liable for attempting to destroy the lives of this family. But, knowing PersonA’s hugely increasing anxiety, their parents chose not to enquire further. The following day, on 04/04/2019 PersonA considered committing suicide by jumping off a pier into the River Thames.

This Family’s Breakthrough

Bexley Council’s abuse of power – endorsed by MP.

The parents sought advice from PersonA’s doctor and the Metropolitan Police who are experienced in these cases. In May 2019, this family’s MP sent the school this legal review of their case. Corroborated with diaries it details the damage these organisations were doing to PersonA. Now prevented from working against PersonA’s parents, this school began working with them. This had an immediate and profound positive effect on PersonA. It is now public record how this politician’s 1 sole action has endorsed and proven this family’s fight. All of the perpetrators naturally hated this family’s ingenious plan convincing the politician to do this.

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Stopped living a lie


From being constantly confused, instructed to think they have bad parents and autism, to realising the truth. This immediately regained PersonA’s happiness and confidence. They conquered their biggest fear of going back to school. Even in such a short amount of time, they took and passed their GCSE exams. They happily moved back home to live with their own family. They began planning for their future as a model and celebrated all of this by going to their school prom. Unsurprisingly, FamilyB did not attend this proud event.


There can be no other explanation that will fit what abuse PersonA had endured and the immediate positive results that followed from this family’s MP taking this action.

The parents played a video of PersonA from before all of this started. FamilyB then said, “Wow, is that really the same child? No wonder you’re fighting so hard to help them.” And, “Up to meeting your child, our family had problems, spending every day unhappy and depressed. Your child makes all of our lives so much more bearable and it’s the only way we can all be happy.”


Community Safety Watch

Welfare Fraud

In May 2018 leading up to these events. FamilyB proudly explained how a member of their family can do very complicated tasks on their PC and very quickly. They also said that they had been diagnosed with autism by Bexley CAMHS. So, we offered this person the chance of a career in IT. We explained that a person with autism who is good on PCs could be extremely valuable to the world. The response to this gesture was extremely revealing. The head adult from FamilyB appeared shocked as if they had seen a ghost. They said, “No, no, no! They won’t be any good for anyone because they cannot spell or do anything.” This was all recorded.

Registered followers of these events

This minority-race family was humiliated throughout their ordeal. They began publishing this abuse in 2017. Just before the pandemic started they had received nearly 2 million people following events. From then this case took a far darker turn. If it was not for COVID-19 then this family’s business could have been destroyed by this institution. Thanks to COVID-19 this family is now holding ALL perpetrators to account.


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