UK politician risks manslaughter charges defending corruption

A UK politician used the Metropolitan Police and the BBC to breach their ministerial code against a mixed-race family in England. But, they hadn’t taken into account the untimely social distancing measures caused by COVID-19. Lockdown gave this family what they needed to hold this politician to account.

A family in London learned how this politician was orchestrating a well-evolved malpractice abusing minority children. Publicity was used to force this politician to support them as the family’s local MP. This politician proved their illegal involvement. But instead of owning up to it, they went all out to demonstrate they are above the law. They openly switched sides during a publicised legal battle. And used the Metropolitan Police and the BBC, attempting to destroy this family’s business. If it weren’t for COVID-19, this family would have lost everything, and this malpractice would have continued. You can read more about what led to this here

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    A London family has uncovered a well-evolved malpractice adopted by some of England’s local authorities. …
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On 06/07/2018 the father went to this politician about his child being abused by multiple agencies under this politician’s control. This politician said to the father, “Tell your wife you have done what you can, you have both worked very hard and this is now in my hands to help your child.”

But, on 07/09/2018 this politician confronted the father with false accusations from the perpetrators saying, “I refuse to believe this is racism.” The father defended each accusation, and this politician then said, “I may be wrong, and your child is not living with you because they have not had the treatment they need.”

Repeated calls for help ignored

Our large network fighting abuse of power has helped with strategy and leverage. Some of the perpetrators have raised their hands to admit their guilt and expose their colleagues.

Responsible constituents go to their politicians when they have experienced problems and they have nowhere else to call for help. This politician did very little to help this family’s complaint against Bexley Council. One year passed with this child’s parents repeatedly asking this politician to help their child. These calls for help were ignored. The parents warned this politician that they will face manslaughter charges if their child considers suicide again and actually does it.

Politician inadvertently delivers success

corrupt politician

Bexley Council’s abuse of power – endorsed by MP

On 13/09/2019 the father told this politician that his family’s legal action against Bexley Council was delivering good results, but his child was still living in the home that Bexley Council deemed as unsafe for them to live. This politician said to him, “You feel that you have been let down by the council and I share that view.” This politician agreed they were misled by Bexley Council over a year ago back in 2018. They also agreed that their 1 sole action in May 2019 using this family’s legal evidence prevented Bexley’s public services from collaborating. This delivered immediate successful results that we have proudly called Pier to Prom. It is now public record how this politician’s 1 sole action has endorsed and proven this family’s case. This family’s plan to convince the politician to do this was ingenious. It produced court-quality evidence of Bexley Council’s fraudulent use of the welfare system.

This case then takes its darkest turn

corrupt politician

Abuse of Power

On 21/10/2019 this child’s mother asked this politician to repeat his 1 sole action. But, instead of proving how the school must stop working against her family, she asked them to prove this to Bexley Children’s Social Care Services. This request was essential to help this child. But this politician would not do this. Their 1 sole action in May 2019 inadvertently delivered so much success, they could have prevented this child from considering suicide throughout the previous year. So, this politician is preventing this child’s right to have a family life. This child’s parents filed a complaint against this politician. But instead of defending it, this politician used the Metropolitan Police to serve a Prevention of Harassment Letter on the father.

UK Authorities’ judgment

These 3 regulatory bodies are following this case in support of this family’s human rights:

  • On 28/05/2020 the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman published, “This matter would need to be addressed by a court.” The parents were advised how this publication usually makes the council take steps to fix the damage they have caused. We then followed meetings between several UK Government senior civil servants, Bexley Council and members of the wider community involved in this case. We are confident that all perpetrators were instructed to correct the harm they have done. This family took advantage of this noticeable change to begin getting their lives back on track.
  • On 20/01/2020 the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards advised us, we will need to pursue the legal remedy available for that breach. If a court finding is made against this MP, then they could open an inquiry into a potential breach of the Code of Conduct.
  • On 31/01/2020 the investigating officer for Conservative Party Complaints advised us to seek legal action for what is clearly a complex matter.

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