"The challenge is the powerful few who control world resources. They will resist any change right up to the end."

Campaign for world reset

Many extremist groups and powerful politicians manipulate the masses to benefit themselves. The media has always been crucial in helping them succeed. So, we are convincing the media to help a global democracy succeed. This will turn today’s politics on its head, AND fix the world’s biggest problems.

Followers of events up to 2019 who inspired this vote.
Transaction requests from our experiment in 2020.
Registered people today ready to vote for change.
Governments and law enforcement institutions.
Banks, finance and commercial institutions.

 Our campaign successes using disruptive marketing techniques are now being multiplied by the marketing elite. Mainstream media is now being primed to help this far better way of life succeed.

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    Our campaign to empower a Global Democracy has received far more funding than ever expected. Because …
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Main objectives


We are creating a marketing plan with more teams in more countries. This also includes outsourced services, sponsorships and affiliations. Starting with the top 20 languages using social media campaigns. Feedback will optimize publicity to support these campaigns. This will lead to all other languages and having an online and TV presence with major celebrity sponsorships. The better we do, the sooner more of our main sponsors will openly join. This will further accelerate the project with our marketing affiliates; Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Campaign objectives

We are selecting professionals for full-time, part-time, temporary and project placements. This is to strategise, direct and manage campaign workload. The work is given to professionals who offer the best value and action plan. They should not need much guidance other than very top-level objectives:

Success for this campaign is educating the masses they are far more important than they think.  And this will make the biggest positive impact the world has ever seen.

From 2017 we published some extreme case studies to inspire the need for change. They highlight how the abuse of power has evolved to become normal in today’s way of life. Our extensive marketing of London’s abuse of power has already inspired change and significant additional funding. This, and the social distancing measures caused by COVID-19, has motivated more people to reflect. People have sent us many more stories of abuse of power. Proving what we have published is typical.

“We are watching many more people embrace this needed change. Since many lockdowns, everyone has had time to reflect. Global news is worsening. The need for this change is making more sense to more people as each day goes by.” (Head of Community SafetyWatch®)  

You are the most important person to everyone and everything. Along with all 8 billion of us. Simply voting together globally no matter where you live or work. This will empower democracy. AND as soon as you have voted you will start to see and feel this change:

Some select sponsors, affiliates and supporters:

Abuse of power