"Up to 2021, less than 1% of humanity controlled everything because they owned everything. Greed became normalised and we began destroying ourselves on a colossal scale. Ironically, a pandemic connected everyone and we figured it out just in time!"  “Viseum's Community SafetyWatch success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” "The challenge is the powerful few who control world resources. They will resist any change right up to the end."

Discrimination is a significant global problem so why is it still happening?

Minorities consistently tell their institutions that their public services lack equality. But civil servants are wrongfully trained to respond to this by saying, “Discrimination is everywhere and we just have to accept it.”

The video of the murder of George Floyd displayed to the world the need for change. Everyone could see the look in the murderer’s eyes. This criminal was not thinking anything. This brutal murder shows how this abuse of power has evolved a warped institutionalised instinct.

What is Institutional Racism?

Being institutionalised often controls what people do and how they think. Institutional Racism is not a conscious decision. Horrifyingly, some actions also bypass any conscious thought. Institutional Racism refers to the instinctive, unjust and discriminatory mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals by society and its institutions as a whole. This is through unequal selection or bias, intentional or unintentional.

What is Abuse of Power?

Abuse of power or abuse of authority, in the form of “official misconduct”, is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties. Officials who utilise abuse of power are often those who exploit the ability to use corruption for their advantage.

Humanity is constantly evolving but we haven’t evolved our way of life.

Our institutions control our economics to govern our way of life. But, these haven’t changed for centuries. This has normalised what we do and how we think economically. Some general examples:

  • The vast majority of consumer products are designed to perish just after warranty. This is to encourage throw away and repurchase.
  • We have the instinct to overconsume but we know it is destroying our planet.
  • Minorities consistently tell their institutions that their public services lack equality. Civil servants are wrongfully trained to respond to this by stating, “Discrimination is everywhere but we just have to accept it.”

The need to change our way of life cannot be any more obvious. Our economics can change our way of life. We will stop evolving negative instincts. We will stop measuring success only with how much money we have and the size of our homes and the cars we drive. Nobody will have the instinct to feel supreme or superior no matter the colour of their skin.

Communities Economic Presence - George the Poet Channel 4 News

Watch the full interview

NYC Woman Fired After Falsely Accusing Black Man of 'Attacking' Her | NowThis

This video highlights the racist social culture against African Americans in the US. Again, if it weren’t for mobile phone video this racist could have destroyed this man’s life, by having him falsely arrested.

Quote from a protester of the George Floyd murder

“The United States of America is one of the few modern countries that still allow those in jail to do forced labour. Many laws, police and jail systems were developed when slaves were freed, to take them back into penile labour. This incentivised a social culture of being part of arresting minorities for minor or bogus reports. Such as marijuana or counterfeit money in some states for 10 years. Being rewarded with a cheap source of labour also incentivised law enforcement culture to extend minorities’ sentences. For any misconduct they can think of or even fabricate.”

England’s Institutional Racism

You are a minority so you will be treated this way throughout your daily life.” (London council)

Before the murder of George Floyd, we published some extreme case studies to inspire the need for this change. The first case study is about the abuse of power and institutional racism in England. Minority families have been targeted by public servants, to be used as a free resource to help the smooth running of public services. It shows how institutional racism has become normal in today’s way of life in England.

It is well known in racial support groups that mixed-race families experience racism the worst. This is further compounded by perpetrators from minority races. They feel excused and they instinctively take their own experiences of racism to their victims. In proving this, this mixed-race family’s story was heavily marketed in England. Not many read it until the many facts about institutional racism were deleted. As soon as this story was rewritten to focus on the abuse of power but not the reason why, it shocked many millions.

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The solution to abuse of power is to become a crucial part of this change:

Institutionalism does not evolve over thousands of years. It is controlled by our institutions and passed down from each generation to the next. The world is experiencing more worsening climate and social related disasters. The sooner we make this change, the sooner the world’s biggest problems will go away. If you are inspired to be part of this, we want to hear from you.

Changing the culture of hate

Hate has been used by many extremist groups and even a president of the United States to create disruptive and divisive movements. This is just a symptom of today’s way of life. But, if this works for hate then we can campaign to fix the problem. Simply by voting together to make global trade independent of national politics, it will happen in our lifetime.