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The global economic impact of untapped human potential

Imagine being shown how we have all been sitting on a goldmine of human potential. And, the economic impact of turning today’s politics on its head will solve the world’s biggest problems. 

Economic impact studies show that up until global democracy is empowered, we would have been missing out on many hundreds of years of untapped human potential. Worth hundreds of trillions of dollars. Many life-changing inventions from all walks of life. No matter anyone’s ethnicity, gender, social status, disability, political or religious beliefs. An example of such innovations:

Inspirational Change

Today, less than 1% of humanity controls everything because they own everything. The masses have some choice. But, ultimately people who control today’s financial institutions use politics to benefit themselves. The impact of this is, greed is normalised. Creating wars, mass migration,  climate change and pandemics.

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Economic impact of today’s world economics


In the 16th century, the world had a population of 0.5 billion. Humanity evolved its way of life around an economy dependent on the unlimited exponential growth of consumption. Countries borrowed and wrote off huge amounts of money for populations to continuously accelerate this way of life. This did not account for longevity. Now the 21st century, our economics are the same. We have a population of 8 billion. Demand is increasing but our limited resources are dwindling.


“It is very sad that all the people and institutions this is referring to are forcing their heads in the sand. Initiatives like this won’t be taken seriously until our way of life becomes more unbearable for them. Unless we put money into this now.” (UK Government figurehead)

Professor Brian Cox explains the power of democracy

Financial institutions create all world recessions around every decade. The next one will be the worst global recession in history because of this pandemic. 

Economic Impact

Financial experts say that the world economy is highly volatile and impossible to understand. This is because it does not work. A robust economy would not be dependent on exponential growth. Some examples of how today’s world economics need to change:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine – The irony of this pandemic destroying today’s world economy. Financial institutions are making billions more with all nations borrowing excessively. But, having effective economics and infrastructure for an immunisation programme would mitigate this. The most capable pharmaceutical development agencies are competing for patents.
  • To maintain the unworkable debt system we overconsume. And, the majority of consumer products are designed to perish just after warranty to encourage throw away and repurchase.

People in lower-income countries have more meaningful lives

Many studies show that a growing economy does not make nations happier. There are less well-off countries that have more meaningful lives than richer nations. The coronavirus pandemic is making more economies consume less. Many are reflecting on their way of life. The following associates’ comprehensive studies show paradoxes between world economics, individual and national wealth, and having worthwhile lives: