"The challenge is the powerful few who control world resources. They will resist any change right up to the end."

Global democracy experiment – Optimizing Human Potential AND Governments

We ran an experiment proving how easy it is to create a global super currency for everyone to spend in their local shops. By 2025 it would have made over 13 trillion US dollars. AND by then, governments would also be far better off than ever expected

The results from this experiment can beat COVID-19 for good AND fix the world’s biggest problems. We can increase the value of every government AND better the lives of every human being. This will over double the value of the world’s resources. We can all own some of this new wealth. And use a fraction of it to clear world debt and start again.

The whole of the human race can create and own cutting-edge breakthrough inventions. Everything from a new global public fund will be classified as Shared Super Inventions. The entire world can be employed to trade freely and collaborate in making them. We can build up the global infrastructure to optimize exploiting them. This would be worth trillions of dollars using today’s economics.

From these new public-owned global technologies, many more entrepreneurs will create many more inventions and commercial businesses. With this New World Economy, this potential will be worth hundreds of trillions more. These are just some of the industries:

  • Health – Pharmaceutical, Food Production, Nutrition.
  • Science – Clean Energy, Climate Management, Quantum Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Recycling.
  • Engineering – Housing, Transport, Communications Networks, Automation, Space Travel.


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Money and trading systems


With the whole world trading in these new global markets using the same currency, this will create the biggest value super currency. Also, decentralised trading systems are another of humanity’s remarkable inventions. It has fixed the many problems with today’s trading systems that negatively exploit trade. Such as politics, currency conversion, exchange rates, bank charges and broker fees.

Project experiment

This project exploited the current system for patenting new inventions. We patented this Global Democracy as a new invention. That is; how it works, what it will do, and who owns it. With today’s economics, this would mean that nobody will be able to use or benefit from this initiative unless royalties are paid. This will limit its use to only the wealthiest. BUT, part of this new global democracy is distributing ownership of it throughout the entire human race. So, this is the first patented invention to be owned by everyone in the world.

For this experiment, 8 billion HLF transaction requests were created. Each verified transaction was issued 45,000 HLFs. No other form of money or commitment was needed.

  • On 02/12/2019 we set an underestimated value of this patent to be worth $360 trillion. This was the value of the world’s combined wealth on this date.
  • On 02/12/2019 we created a new world currency called HLF and issued 360 trillion HLFs.
  • On 03/12/2019 the first transaction was made to purchase the patent for 360 trillion HLFs.
  • On 03/12/2019 we shared 360 trillion HLFs by 8 billion. This is 45,000 HLFs per human being.


The rationale for this valuation does not matter because the entire human race owns the currency. It is helpful for some to look at this as just numbers. And to help educate others, a comparable valuation using today’s economics.

Experiment Conditions

It was explained to each applicant that this is only a general concept transaction. An experiment to educate about and solve our economic problems. This is not an actual vote. Anyone can participate regardless of their geographical location. As detailed in the demographic results of this experiment, nobody was disqualified.


Experiment results and demographics

This experiment helped educate the severe problems with existing economic systems, whilst optimizing the distribution of the solution. So, we have used today’s patent system to accelerate a New World Economy. The results of this experiment have proven the more institutionalised types of people are from finance, politics and the military. The least institutionalised are from minority backgrounds.

12/12/2019 to 01/07/2020 a telling report – During this experiment, there were 3,500,557 transaction requests. This averaged 8,766 per day up to 1 week after the UK’s first coronavirus lockdown (30/03/2020). Just 4% of these types of people were from more institutionalised backgrounds. From then this increased to 14,817 transaction requests per day. 15% of these types of people were from more institutionalised backgrounds. From 8 days after the murder of George Floyd (02/06/2020), this significantly increased to 56,385 transaction requests per day. This jumped to almost 30% from the more institutionalised backgrounds.

You are the most important person to everyone and everything. Along with all 8 billion of us. Simply voting together globally no matter where you live or work. This will empower democracy. AND as soon as you have voted you will start to see and feel this change

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Should this experiment have continued it was expected that by the end of 2022, we would have received 95 million verified transactions. This would have made 95 million people the owners of 4.275 trillion HLFs. Governments would have started to take this seriously. By the end of 2025, we would have expected to have verified more than 300 million transactions. This would have made 300 million people the owners of 13.5 trillion HLFs. 


These results are overwhelming proof of how everything published on this website is achievable. AND in our lifetime. This change is now in motion by campaigning for the first vote using this international voting system.