"The challenge is the powerful few who control world resources. They will resist any change right up to the end."

What can a global democracy do?

Productivity will soar to its highest levels and in ways to benefit our climate. Crime will drop to its all-time low, and the world’s biggest problems will start to vanish. Our new way of life will evolve. Dependent on instinct to consume the least. An economy designed to replenish resources.

It is undisputed that there are no limits to what humanity is capable of. Life-changing achievements, with innovation, inventions and technology breakthroughs. It is also undisputed that the only limit is today’s world politics. With this new voting system giving everyone control and inclusion, its impact is immediate and tangible. 

When and How?

This global voting system is effectively reversing our old economic systems of 1% controlling the 99%. So, everyone will see the rapid speed of governments aligning with these votes for change. Also, political parties campaigning for it to win power. Registering for this vote is accelerating. The sooner people vote the greater share they get, until more people vote. Also, the more people vote its value multiplies even greater. AND, each vote grows its value as the most powerful voting system on Earth.

Optimized World Economics

Economic systems worthy of today provide immediate benefits in the form of many life-changing developments. True world collaboration would have already reached global targets for zero carbon. AND significantly increased our overall lifespan. AND quality of life:

  • Living during pandemics will be optimized with all countries working together to develop the vaccine programme. Dealing with potential and actual virus mutations. Then the world will get to work on all other viruses. Such as flu and the common cold. Even cancer won’t stand a chance.
  • One of the next very big technology breakthroughs is the many inventions that will use concepts from quantum physics. This will massively improve everyone’s lives in many ways.

Greater Political Careers

With this New Global Democracy, some will worry about losing their status, others will worry they will lose their control. But, with so much more trade, this will be the reverse. With there being more distributed control, institutions will naturally do lots more to be part of this. With such large amounts of extra public funds, there will be many more great political careers. Whoever wins power will need to make huge commitments to change. Some examples:

  • The parameters of their economic systems will constantly evolve. This will optimize reaching each public industry target.
  • Having everything constantly checked independently and openly transparent. Making it impossible for corrupt politicians to remain in power. Everything they do for their public role will be made public. Communications and decision processes will be recorded, published and checked.
  • With day-to-day decisions benefiting the masses. Reduced complaints against public services will be used by independent bodies to improve the services. It is a conflict of interest allowing the accused to manage their own complaint.

True wealth is measured from all aspects of life. Meaningful lives are important for this. How much money we have and the size of our homes and the cars we drive will no longer be the main deciding factors. People won’t feel as superior as they did, no matter their nationality, gender, political belief, or colour of their skin. Wars, mass migration and extreme climate change will no longer be the problems they are today.

The world’s biggest problems start to fade away

It will be harder to make money by abusing power. There are far easier ways to make money. People, communities and populations will instinctively make consistently better life-changing decisions. Corruption, organised and opportunistic crime will fade away. Many millions of lives and billions of dollars saved from the illegal drug trade alone.

You are the most important person to everyone and everything. Along with all 8 billion of us. Simply voting together globally no matter where you live or work. This will empower democracy. AND as soon as you have voted you will start to see and feel this change