"The challenge is the powerful few who control world resources. They will resist any change right up to the end."

New World Economy

Inspirational Change – World Economics is Destroying Our Planet

Inspirational Change

Humanity has now punched enough holes in today’s way of life, that now people and organisations who discriminate are treated as the minority. AND a sustainable world is now in sight. Before the murder of George Floyd, we published some extreme case studies to inspire the need for this inspirational change. The first story highlights how the abuse of power has evolved ... Read More »

Politics Vs. Populations

Some questions faced by politicians and the public; Do we need to change or can we have our way of life to go back to the way it was? What are the costs if we don’t change? Can we delay change just as long as it’s not in our lifetime? World events are making more people embrace this coming change. ... Read More »