"The challenge is the powerful few who control world resources. They will resist any change right up to the end."

Inspirational Change – World economics is destroying humanity

Humanity has punched enough holes in today’s way of life, that now people and organisations who discriminate are treated as the minority. AND a sustainable world is now in sight.

Before the murder of George Floyd, we published some extreme case studies to inspire the need for this change. They highlight how the abuse of power has evolved to become normal in today’s way of life inside many institutions. Our extensive marketing of London’s abuse of power has already inspired change. This and the social distancing measures caused by coronavirus, has motivated more people to reflect. People have now sent us many more stories of abuse of power. This has proven that what we have published is typical.

“We are watching more and more people embrace this needed change. Since lockdown, everyone has had time to reflect. Since then global news is worsening. The need for this change is making more sense to more people as each day goes by.” (Head of Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®)

Many of these new case studies are about banks operating fraudulently. We have published one example that would not have been uncovered if it weren’t for lockdown. The victims of this fraud have been offered many sponsorships and donations. The reason for it being offered is an example of the problems with today’s world economics. This and surplus money offered is now fuelling the acceleration of the New World Economy Project.


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“It is very sad that all the people and institutions this is referring to are forcing their heads in the sand. Right up to global devastation. Initiatives like this won’t be taken seriously until the pain and suffering become unbearable for them.” (UK government figurehead)

Become a crucial part of this change:

Social instincts do not evolve over thousands of years. Social instincts are controlled by our institutions and taught from each generation to the next. Our negative socials instincts can be easily removed from our way of life.

The world is experiencing more worsening climate and social related disasters. The sooner we make this change together the sooner all of these problems go away. If you are inspired to be part of this change in our way of life. Or if you are a minister, director or a member of staff, and you have information on abuse of power, we want to hear from you.

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